1. Welcome 'Tech N9ne' its an honour to be speaking to you, how has the tour been kicking off for you?
The tour was explosive…and long. But the fans loved it and that’s all that matters.
2. So when did you first get into hip hop and writing rhymes, and was there a reason for doing so?
As a dare in 7th grade from a girl named Lola Morris, I wrote my first rap.
3. Throughout your career you have worked with an array of talented artists, but if you could put together a dream team of artists both past and present who would you choose?
Jim Morrison, Marsha Ambrosius (Floetry), Eminem, System Of A Down and me. System of a Tech Door, featuring Marshall Mathers Ambrosious LOL!

4. Your latest studio album release is called 'All 6's And 7's' what inspired
you to use this title?
Quincy Jones’ movie “The Wiz” gave me the idea back when I was a youngster. Then, as I got older, it meant everything that is me – in a state of confusion and disarray.
5. You are a veteran/legend in the game, how does it feel to be nearly 20 years in the industry and still be as strong as ever?
I’m a vampire, stupid – you didn’t know that? Lol! So time means nothing to me and I’m forever young, even though I’m about to turn 40 – ha ha! I could be 60, who knows?!?! Lol!
6. Are there any tracks on your latest album (All 6's And 7's) that you really enjoyed writing/recording for any particular reason?
I really enjoyed writing the song “If I Could” featuring Stephen and Chino from the Deftones, because I love their music and I love mash-ups that people wouldn’t expect. And it’s a wonderful one, I might add!

7. Are there any other projects in the pipeline including features that you can tell us about?
No. I just started on an album yesterday and all the featured artists will be Strange Music artists. That’s all I have for now.
8. What's your favourite thing about a new release, finally showing it to the people/touring or the writing and recording process?
Showing it to the people – because I love to show off for my fans. I love for them to take in all the technical rhyming that I do and love it like they do – it’s a feeling like no other.

9. As an artist, who musically would you say has most influenced you?
Ice Cube, Public Enemy and NWA, when it comes to rap.

10. Who are you listening to at the moment or
recommend people to listen to?
If you can find the Doors Live In Vancouver – it’s 2 CDs of wonderfulness!
11. What are your thoughts on how Hip Hop music is being perceived in the charts and on TV?
I don’t really watch TV, but how it’s perceived – I don’t really know. I know how I’m perceived – as a guy that gives all of himself to his fans and people commend me for it – so I love how I’m perceived. I’m not really aware on how they receive other cats…Sorry n’ shit.
12. Finally is there anything else you'd like to say, or any words of wisdom you could pass on to those trying to
make a name in the Hip Hop scene?
If you feel it in your heart and you’re not the only one that thinks you’re dope, and other people agree that you’re dope, then you should go for it, just like I did!

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By Ben James for RawTalk Recordings.