1.So when did you first get into hip hop, and writing rhymes, and was there a reason for doing so?
There wasn't a contrived reasons, it wasn't something I thought long & hard about.. I started listening to Hip Hop when I was about 8 as my older brother got into it & our baby sitter (a dude my dad taught in the Army) used to bump is, obviously at the age of 8 you look up to your male role models.. My old man was into Soul, Blues, old school R&B & rock, my old dear was into Motown, a bit of reggae & some fucking god awful shit like the bay city rollers.. As for actively participating, I just loved it, with me being an army brat I moved a lot & was often the new kid or outsider so I think I just connected with the disenfranchised rebelliousness, plus the swearing was cool.. Haha and I think of you love something & are genuinely passionate about it, its only natural that at some point you try & replicate it, or put your own twist on it.

2. If you could collaborate with an all star cast, (Producer and Artist/Bands) who would it be?
My main producer Pete Cannon is without doubt one of the best in the world right now, his contribution to my LP will testify to that. However I'm obviously spoilt to have him, so will pick someone I'm unlikely to collab with & say either Premier, Timbaland on some raw shit, or whoever produced most of Heltah Skeltah's new album as the beats on that are insane. Same with MC's I've been fortunate enough to work with a lot of my favourites, like Dabbla, King Kaiow etc so on some dream team shit..a posse cut with Redman, Sean P & Rock, Slick Rick, Guilty Simpson, Doom, Busta & Ol Dirty Bastard.

3. Your 2nd studio album release is called 'Mood Swings' what's is there a reason for this and is it reflected within the album?
Very much so, the album is pretty eclectic both content & lyrically with Bangers, Jokey tracks, introspective shit, social commentry, venting shit etc etc, the only thing not on there is layed back.. I don't do easy chill music. I always struggle with being a joker, having something to actually say once in a while & being philosophical & for a while I thought I had to pick a style until I realised that's who I am.. I'm mainly a joker but there is 360° to me.. So I tried to reflect that in the LP.. Also with it being made over a longer period it meant I wasn't constantly in one place head wise.

4. What are your favourite tracks from your new album?
The lead single "I Got Game", "What's Up? (25/8)", "Who's That (Muddy Funkster)", "Wind The Clock" & "Hater"... but to be honest im overly critical & there are only 2 tracks on the entire album im not very happy with or very proud of, not that they arent good, they wouldn't be on the album if that was the case, just one of them is a straight up album track, which in comparison to the rest of the tracks is boring to me.. but thats me, some of these are almost 2 years old to me now.. & a track which i had more fun recording than i have had with any other but i worry the humour is lost a little as its a deliberately jiggy song & i tend to find people are stupid as fuck so rather than listening to the lyrics they will just hear the hook & beat & assume its jiggy.

5. Are there any other projects in the pipeline?
Stig & Syntax: Big & Clever.. a mixtape with us & Dabbla from LDNZoo called "Reporting Live From The Breadline: A Mixtape, Un-mixed & Not On Tape" & obviously i will continue to make solo music.

6. How did the signing to lewis records come about?
I was about to start shopping my album & had interest from a few labels/distribution networks & my boy Corin at Grindstone Media who are doin my P.R (who i named.. dunno why i told you that but its true) mentioned it to Mike Lewis who runs the label & he hollered saying he would be interested in signing me, we negotiated terms, he was very very cool with his terms so i put pen to paper. He is a real good dude, who believes in what i do..

7. Are then any tracks on your upcoming album that you really enjoyed writing/recordings for any particular reason?
Most of them, im becoming more & more comfortable in the booth & getting closer to how i want to sound & im finding it easier to write how i want to write, so for the most part enjoyed it, other tracks were more draining emotionally in terms of me confronting certain things & one in particular "Wind The Clock" was written when i was homeless & going through a whole heap of stress so the recording/writing part was more cathartic than enjoyable. I have never laughed so much in the studio as recording this album, i genuinely enjoyed a lot of it.

8. There has been rumors that you are venturing out to experiment in other genres of music, have to done so on this album?
There is a Hardcore Rock remix of Hater, imaginatively entitle Hardcore Hater which was cool as fuck to do & i plan on collaborating more with the guys who played that, Ray & Wema, the drummer & guitarist from Knuckledust & the genius that is Pieman of Hellbent Die Hard who wrote the music.. hopefully at some point we will be working on things as a live band, some cross over stuff & some straight up Hip Hop shit.. i want to bring back some fucking madness, Hip Hop is losing a lot of its energy, rebelliousness &  wild out attitude that made me fall in love with it in the first place. I also plan on doing some Dubstep stuff, i dont have any on the album but im friends with Breakage who has said he wants to work with me & dude is an INSANELY talented producer, im really enjoying writing double time these days, having only written literally a handful of verses (white rhino being the first time i tried) im finding it easier & able to style out more.. so definitely want to lace some of those screw your face up baselines Dubstep fucks with, there was talk of working with Skream who offered me beats but he is crazy busy so i dont know if it will come to fruition but id love to work with him.

9. As an artist who musically would you say has most influenced you?
I guess some of the afore mentioned names (from the dream team question) have subconsciously influenced me but i have always made a conscious effort to not sound like other people and to just focus on representing myself, my out look on life and my sense of humour etc etc.

10. Who are you listening to and the moment?
Today: Heltah Skeltah "D.I.R.T", Guilty Simpson "Ode To The Ghetto", Redman "Red Gone Wild", E40, N.O.R.E "Cocaine On Steroids", Nocando "Jimmy The Lock Mixtape" & a bunch of bashment & metal shit.

11. What are your thoughts on how UK Hip Hop music is being perceived in the charts and on TV?
On the one hand i fully understand the fact that these pop bitches are opening doors & making it more acceptable & popular but on the other & more prominent hand FUCK THEM, who gives a fuck about how its perceived, who gives a fuck about it being accepted by a bunch of cunts i have no desire to be accepted by, ultimately anyone who makes music for the listener is not making it as a means of self expression & therefore i have no time or respect for it.

12. You've stated on your twitter page that you have 3 singles being released from the 'Mood Swings' album are you
able to share with us the names of these tracks?
The lead single will be "I Got Game", then the Jehst produced "Who's That (Muddy Funkster) & then Hater/Hardcore Hater.

13. Can we expect to see anymore freestyle battles from yourself?

14. Finally is there anything else you'd like to say, or any words of wisdom you could pass on to those trying to make a name in the UK Hip Hop scene?
I approach music in the same way as i approach life... Do you at ALL costs, not what you think you should be, or what people want you to be.. just YOU.
Only dead fish swim with the current.

No Regrets, Carpe Diem, Live Hard !!!