1. So when did you all first get into hip hop, and writing rhymes, and was there a reason for doing so?
OV started Rhyming at age 16.... Always been into music and had some friends who started flipping and I was really impressed but knew I could do it so literally started writing verses, i'd been into hip hop since I was about 8

Metropolis wrote his first rap when he was 9 years old but only started taking it more seriously in High School after being inspired by an awesome spoken word artist.

2. If you could collaborate with an all star cast, (Producer and Artist/Bands) who would it be?
We have our all star cast thanks lol maybe we'd get jimmi Hendrix on guitar, Quentin Tarantino to make our videos and Geiger to do the graphics for all the new Electronic stuff we're making.

3. Your latest album "United Colours Of Beggattron" dropped this year with a different vibe to your other releases, how would you describe your music to someone that hasn't herd it?
Progressive and technical raps with uk bass inspired electronica and hard moving drums. Lyrical content spans from socially concious to scifi/ horrorcore with a lot of Swagger.

4. You have an impressive discography behind your name, and even with a release early this year do you have any projects in the pipeline?
  • Beggattron Remixed
  • Album with Noisia
  • Grime Glitch Album Project with Alix perez under the Name Par Excellence
  • Release with LA producer Skrillex on Mau5trap( Deadmau5) Label
  • Collaboration with French Dubstep artist Von D released on Argon Records which is a San Fransisco Dubstep Label
  • Collaboration with London Zoo and Sonny Jim produced by Dutch producer Arvid on 10 Kilo Beats
  • 3 12" Releases on never Say Die Records
  • We Are featured on Bearyman's Album
  • More collabs with French, Italian and Spaninsh Hip Hop and breakbeat electro artists
  • featured on the New Grems and Disiz la peste album
  • Video for a new track with Noisia from the Split The Atom Album
  • We are working on an EP with Son Of Kick
  • Have Collaborated with The Narcycist & gene Clash for Dany Neville and Brunjes
  • Prospective Projects with Ministry of Sound
  • Ep Project with Son of Kick
  • New Track With Medison Ruckspin and Durrty Goodz
  • Brokabilly Project with Grems & Dj Trouble, Machinedrum Remix and Video dropping shortly.

5. As artists/musician who musically would you say has most influenced you?
ORIFICE:  MJ, Redman, Ill Bill, MF Doom, Pantera, Napalm Death, Thirstin Howl, Def Jux Records, J Dilla, Grems, Dark Circle, Task Force, Ghetts, Durrty Doogz, Skibba Dee, Stevie Hyper D, Big L, Meshuggah, Jay Z, Boot Camp Click, Capleton etc
Metropolis: Doom, Dilla, Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, Ghetto, Dizzy, FlyLo and the whole brainfeeder movement, Herbie Hancock, Prodigy, Lewis Taylor, PM Dawn.

6. Were there any tracks from your latest album that you really enjoyed writing/recordings for any particular reason?
They were all special however the Noisia tracks were definitely the best experience as we have a different and much more vibrant working environment when we work together and all the stuff is recorded and written in their studio in Groningen.

7. Who are you listening to and the moment?
Meshuggah, Onra, James Blake, Blue daisy, Lots of Dubstep, Classic Garage, Machinedrum, Sepalcure, jimmy Edgar, Ogris debris, Om Unit, Dream mclean, yelawolf, Doom, Jay Electronica, Dj Krush, Lots of Classic Thrash and Power Metal,
Lots of New Young Grime Cats.

8. Dented Records is now probably one of the most well known independent Hip Hop labels around, how did the idea for setting a label up come about?
Basically when we wanted to first put our music out, we encountered a whole load of bullshit, crap talking. stinginess and disillusion when talking to labels and music organizations so we decided that everyone elso could literally Eat a fat Dick and took the plunge and went in ourselves as we seemed to be the only people who had any faith in ourselves and the music we were making... it was a steep learning curve and mistakes were made and our naivity did get taken advantage of but that is all experience and no one can take that away from us. We are just launching our 50th release on the label next week and are still as hungry and dedicated as we ever were.

9. What are your thoughts on how UK Hip Hop is being perceived in the charts and on TV?
i think people need to stop saying UK hip hop, in fact I'm surprised people still keep making that a bracket, it really isn't a title that one should aspire too as it boxes one in so much. Hip Hop is omnipresent in British pop music and culture now and there are things I perceive as way more "Hip Hop" than a dude with a mediocre tag style in skate shoes rapping on beats made with an mpc.
There are finally rap artists from the UK that are in the charts and celebrated by the nation and the world as a whole and this is something which has opened the game up for everyone.

10. Finally is there anything else you'd like to say, or any words of wisdom you could pass on to those trying to make a name in the UK Hip Hop scene?
Please don't get me wrong, i'm not hating on the scene that we came from or any of the artists that have truly paved the way but Stop trying to make it in the "UK Hip Hop" Scene. Try and make it as a musician or an artist.. If it's hip hop you want to make then do it and promote it on a world scale to a world class standard and this in turn will help elevate the entire Uk underground movement... hip hop is hip hop and can be your key to international success but if it is "UK hip hop" you aspire to then I wish you all the best, it shouldn't be so hard to get onto the 20 blogs, the 5 shops and 8 stages that actually support "UK hip hop".

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